3 Tools To Help You Garden Easier With Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain

Gardening season is definitely upon us. The weather is warming (and cooling and warming) and tickling the soil through my fingertips brings on the anticipation of fresh produce and herbs in the near future.

Many with fibromyalgia can attest to the fact that using the right tools can help make the gardening experience more enjoyable and easier on your body. In my latest video, I talk about 3 things that make my gardening easier. To make it easier, if you are interested in the items, there are links in the description of the video for the products or websites where they can be found. Please note, they are affiliated links, so I will earn a small commission from them, if you use them, but it will be at absolutely no cost to you!

I am always interested in finding out what others do as well, so let me know what you do to make gardening with fibromyalgia easier and more enjoyable.

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